Welcome to Tech Insider

By Naveen Zutshi

2 min read

Welcome to Tech Insider, a window into how digital transformation unfolds at Palo Alto Networks. As a global cybersecurity company, we’re constantly developing cutting-edge products and solutions to solve challenges faced by businesses. We get asked a lot about how we deploy our own technology and how we innovate to help our teams and customers. 

So here we are: We’re going to provide a practitioner view on how to implement Palo Alto Networks technology within a robust architecture that enables the highest level of security. We have a First Customer program dedicated to using our own technology, and our approach is unique due to the depth with which we rely on our own products internally and the speed in which we integrate new features. 

Today, every business strategy has a technology component and must move fast. As a modern IT organization, we enable agility and operational excellence, help introduce new products to market, and support our company mission to secure today for a better tomorrow.

You’ll find detailed perspectives on how to adapt our technology in a complex enterprise setting. You’ll get insights from guest contributors about the intersection of technology and security. And you’ll meet some of the interesting people from our IT team, whether it’s in the areas of engineering, services management, or data science. Read our stories and let us know what you think.